Original Essay

A brief examination of a subject in prose usually expressing a personal view or interpretation of a subject or topic.


  1. Only one (1) notarized original essay written only by the contestant, with six (6) copies of the notarized original should be submitted on or before the specified deadline.
  2. The top of each page must include the contestant’s name, page number, and unit name and number.
  3. The essay must be typed and double-spaced; not to exceed twelve (12) pages.
  4. The contestant must be prepared to answer questions by the judges.

Judging Criteria

  • General Merit (25 pts)
    1. Ideas
    2. Organization
    3. Wording
    4. Flavor
  • Mechanics (25 pts)
    1. Usage
    2. Punctuation/Capitalization
    3. Spelling
  • Overall Effect (50 pts)


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