The process, art and technique of taking images recorded by a camera and reproducing them on a photosensitive surface.


  1. No more than six (6) photographs can be submitted or one (1) collage of work.
  2. The photographs must be uniformly mounted using white, black or gray boards.
  3. The photographs and/or mounting boards must be no larger than 20×16 inches and mounted on white, black, or gray color boards.
  4. The contestant is required to make an oral presentation, which will not exceed three (3) minutes, explaining the methods or techniques used in developing the project.

Judging Criteria

  • Choice of film (15 pts)  – Black and white, color slide or color negative
  • Cleanness (15 pts)
  • Composition (20 pts)
  • Effective Use of Light (35 pts)
  • Mounting of Photographs (15 pts)


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