Now more than ever it is clear that it is going to take an entire village to educate a child. We recognize your hard work and dedication to motivate our students toward a higher level of learning and we are committed to becoming a part of your team.

The NAACP’s ACT-SO Program was developed to enhance and showcase the academic and artistic achievement of African-American high school students just as we do their athletic achievements. Since 1978, the NAACP ACT-SO has:

  • Challenged students to excel and consistently put a spotlight on their efforts and successes
  • Raised the standard of excellence and expectation among our youth
  • Promoted a climate of academic and artistic development
  • Mobilized the adult community to serve as mentors and coaches for students

How You Can Help

ACT-SO Columbia prides itself as an all volunteer program comparable to a an autonomous local grassroots organization. As such, we rely almost completely on local funding and support from individuals, foundations, and corporations. Here are some things you can do to assist us:

  1. Let students know about ACT-SO Columbia by encouraging them to visiting our website and social media. Then encourage them to submit an Online Application.
  2. Encourage adults who are experienced professionals in any one of our 31 competition categories to sign up as a mentor.
  3. Encourage adults who are experienced professionals in any one of our 31 competition categories to sign up as a judge for the local competition (to be held in April 2017).
  4. Encourage adults to become a generic volunteer. We need help with:
    1. Fundraising and Grant Writing
    2. Recruiting (Stdents, Volunteers, Mentors and Judges)
    3. The Local Competition
    4. Awards Ceremony
    5. Jr. ACT-SO (our new mentoring program for middle school students)
  5. In-Kind Service Gifts & Donations
    1. Printing of ACT-SO materials for students
    2. Equipment (music & mp3 players, cd players, projector, laptops)
    3. Snack for students during our weekly mentoring sessions
    4. Food donations for our competition, awards ceremony and volunteer reception,
    5. For more information on donating money, click here.
  6. Career Development & Summer Internships for ACT-SO participants

If you are interested in helping in any one of the areas identified above, please Contact Us today! We’d love to speak with you!